First-time Author Receives 4 Hearts

Title: Tormented Without A Trace
Author: Valerie Clark
Publisher and/or Distributor: Tigress Entertainment and 1st Books Library
Pages: 248
ISBN: 0-7596-7327-6
Price: $25.45
Publishing Date: 2002
Reader: Bob Spear
Rating: 4 Hearts

Tormented Without A Trace is the story of high profile Wall Street investment banker Natalie Baylor who is on a fast track to disaster. A victim most of her life, she makes personal decisions that lead to disaster and appears unable to differentiate love from pain and abuse. Jeremy Dalton has all the makings of one of romance's greatest villains. Perhaps one of the best characters in the book is Peter, Natalie's boss. This is a book with something for everyone, romance, passion, greed, and coming to grips with reality.

Valerie Clark, a author uses good characterization, pacing, and symbolism to tell a gripping story which reads very rapidly. It is one of those books that you don't want to start late at night, because you'll never get any sleep until it's finished. Hopefully we can expect more great works from Clark. We scored this book four hearts.