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Title: Tormented Without A Trace
Author: Valerie Clark
Publisher: 1st Books Library
ISBN: 07596-7327-6

Author, Valerie Clark scores a homerun with her novel, Tormented Without A Trace. This fast-paced, suspenseful and gripping book keeps the reader glued with the tale of Natalie Baylor and her twisted seduction by the man who raped her as a child.

Natalie is a child of privilege - intelligent, beautiful, and rich - everything a man could desire in a woman. And one man has desired Natalie since her childhood. A childhood he ended with a violent rape.

Years later, Natalie is a player on Wall Street. She is engaged and has the job of her dreams. She has it all or does she? On a routine business trip, she meets a man who wins her sexually and romantically. Who is this stranger?

Soon we are in a world of violence, steamy sex where morality and ethics end and abuse begins. Will Natalie break free and claim her life and who is this man that has a strange hold over her?

Clark in Tormented writes with a precision and clarity that is seldom seen in new authors. She develops a simple plot into one with twists and turns that keeps the reader entranced. If this is her novel, one can only await her next.

Tormented Without A Trace is a must read for anyone who loves romance, sex, suspense, and mystery. Bravo Valerie Clark.