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Who We Are
  Tigress Entertainment is a full service entertainment company dedicated to providing uniquely qualified authors, musical artists and other talented creative professionals with promotional and marketing support and career management expertise to help them gain the visibility that creates top-of-mind recognition.

Services Include:
Author and Screenplay Writers Services Include: Performing Artists
Services Include:

Advertising, print, outdoor, kiosks
Book signings
Collateral materials, brochures, postcards, flyers
Press coverage
Press kits
Promotional packages and materials
Special events and trade shows
TV, radio, and internet interviews
Website development


CDs and DVDs
Media kits
Venue bookings

Valerie with Roberta Flack

Tigress Entertainment
CEO Valerie Clark
with Roberta Flack

Guor Marial and King Deng of South Sudan

Valerie with Olympic Marathoner
Guor Marial and
King Deng of South Sudan

Valerie with Phil Collins

Valerie with Phil Collins

Valerie with Bernie Marcus

Valerie with Bernie Marcus,
Co-founder of Home Depot

Stephen Covey

Valerie and Stephen Covey

Roslyn Carter

Valerie and Rosalyn Carter

Faye Wattleton

Valerie and Faye Wattleton,
President of the Center for the Advancement of Women

Valerie with Brooke Shields

Valerie with Brooke Shields

CNN and Valerie