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Read more about Valerie Clark!

Valerie Clark

Clark's novel, Tormented Without a Trace, is receiving literary acclaim as a major success! To read more about Ms. Clark, click on her photograph.

Read more about Carey Sipp!

Carey Sipp

Ms. Sipp's book, The Turnaround Mom™, is the "feel it, heal it guide to help survivors of family addictions and abuse stop the pain and raise happy children. To read more about Ms. Sipp, click on her photograph.


Cas de Villiers

Cas de Villiers' book, God is a Dancer, is a story of a spiritual awakening and the outcome of a heart opening experience in the throws of depression far away from home. To read more, click on his photograph.

Curt Schaeffer

Curt Schaeffer

Escape With One's Life - Learning to Live With Survival is the story of a commercial air flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on October 21, 1989. After a short stopover in Managua, the Continental Airlines leased plane crashed into a mountainside near the Honduran capital. The author is one of fifteen survivors among the 146 people on board including thirteen Americans.

To read more, click on his photograph.

Read more about David Manuel

David Manuel

I have been married to my wife, Lori, for 15 years now and we are the outlandishly proud parents of Branden and Blake. I don't know how life would be without them and wouldn't want to go back to that place before they were brought into our lives. To read more, click on his photograph.

Karen Bence

Karen Bence

Karen M. Bence graduated with a bachelor of arts in Psychology from Dickerson College and master's degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. A former social worker, psychotherapist and educator, Ms. Bence currently resides near Atlanta, GA.

Nancy Klotz

Nancy Klotz

Nancy Treu Klotz attended Purdue University and received her bachelor's degree in English Education from Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. She has taught English as a Second language for 18 years and has received many awards for her poetry, published here and abroad. Mrs. True Klotz currently resides in Atlanta.

Ilene R. Brenner MD

Ilene Brenner MD

Ilene R. Brenner, M.S., M.D. is a practicing Board Certified Emergency Physician in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Emory University, a master’s degree in Applied Physiology and a medical degree from The Chicago Medical School.

To read more, click on her photograph.

Makur Abiar

Makur Abiar

The greatest man of Southern Sudan is still living today on this planet after all the difficulties in his life, which we take the opportunity to retrace for this present civilization from the illustrative theory of peace, serene demarche, and his anguish.

To read more, click on his photograph.


Robyn Sheridan

Robyn Sheridan is originally from New Jersey and still thinks of herself as a Northerner, although she has resided in Georgia for quite some time now. She is a full time wife, mother and chiropractor who currently lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and three kids.

Facing Forward is her first novel and she is currently at work on a new book that is allowing her to express her humorous side.

Don Rein

Don Reichardt


Donald Reichardt was a newspaper reporter and English teacher before launching a career as an award winning editor of a corporate newspaper, then speech writer for several CEGs and director of communications for Fortune 50 companies. He has written numerous by-lined articles for magazines and newspapers.

Joyce Oscar

Joyce Oscar

Joyce Oscar spent nearly thirty years in the field covering news at multiple television stations. After beginning her career in radio, she was one of CNN's first video journalists, moving on to anchor and produce news for several television stations. Joyce has been a reporter for the top-rated television station in Atlanta, receiving broadcasting awards, including regional Emmy nominations.

Monika Bailey, author

Monika L. Bailey

Monika Bailey is an author, poet, and songwriter whose debut novel — Emerald Eyes — is the first in a series of books dealing with issues facing the modern day African American woman. Monika is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys reading, singing, and of course writing. She is currently working on a sequel to Emerald Eyes.