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In Tormented Without A Trace, Valerie Clark explores the volatile moments of painful discovery, shame, and self-honesty where a woman confronts the past that torments her, revealing her confusion between love and abuse.

Natalie is on the fast track to success as an investment banker on Wall Street and about to marry one of New York's most prominent attorneys. Yet as she remains haunted by the memory of a brutal rape more than a decade before that shears her life of the love and passion she desperately craves. Then as Natalie sets out on a business trip, she meets Jeremy, a wealthy entrepreneur, on a flight to Paris. They spend a week together in the South of France as she falls deeply in love with him. But he suddenly disappears without explanation - without a trace.

These events peel back the curtain masking Natalie's secret desires and inner conflicts as she returns to New York, alone, reluctant to resume her life. Natalie plunges into a nightmare realm where love and abuse are intertwined and the dark mysteries of her past are revealed as a game of stalking becomes deadly serious.

With story-telling power of the first order, Tormented Without A Trace explores the bond between love and abuse, fantasy and denial that are more common to modern life and relationships than we dare admit. It is a novel in which a woman tests her deepest values to face her past and rediscover her soul.

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The Turnaround Mom™ is "A feel it, heal it guide to help survivors of family addictions and abuse stop the pain and raise happy children."

What others are saying about the book:

"This is a book that deserves to be widely read and will, I'm certain, help salvage many lives and restore homes to peace and sanity, with its basic message, 'You've got to raise yourself before you can raise your children.'"

George H. Gallup, Jr., Chairman
The George H. Gallup International Institute

"Tough, honest, and to the point about how to take responsibility for your life and your kids, no matter what the damage, destruction, and dysfunction in your own upbringing."

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
The Dr. Laura Radio Program

The TurnAround Mom(tm) both offers and is a model of recovery that creates the potential to end generational cycles of addiction.

Claudia Black, Author,
It Will Never Happen To Me

Everyone, including therapists, should read this down-to-earth book. It deepened my recovery and I believe will touch your heart.

John Lee, M.A., Author
Flying Boy and Growing Yourself Back Up

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God is a Dancer is not just another book on religion. It is a heartwarming story of a spiritual journey and a homecoming in a profound sense. It is a confirmation that enlightenment is our natural state once we remember who we are in God and once we are awakened to the ecstasy in the Now.

It is different and refreshing. It reaches out with compassion. It is a testimony based on a very personal experience with a universal message, revealing the Oneness in creation in a touching and remarkable way.

Dr. Willem de Klerk

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“Escape With One’s Life starts as the search for answers to hard questions for one survivor of a horrendous plane crash. But Curt Schaeffer’s research and writing of the book evolves into a journey of deeper learning catharsis. In the end, it is testimony to the interrelatedness of all human beings.”

Peter Bell, Former President and CEO of CARE USA

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Murder At Indigo Springs

Based on historical facts, Murder at Indigo Springs concerns the vicious, grisly murders of an elderly South Carolina brother and sister and the culprit's attempts to frame a black servant, Jeff David, with the crime. The year is 1877. Lawyer Jim Benet believes that Jeff is innocent and tries to solve the crime, even while placing his own life in danger. Given the brutal nature of the court system at the time, Jim must tackle many obstacle and actually put Jeff through a terrifying ordeal in order to save him. Anyone interested in history, the justice system and the nature of racism will be fascinated with this haunting, suspenseful story.

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Midnight Revelations

Hidden truths are revealed in urgent and frightening ways in this riveting debut novel. When Sara Miller and her family move into an old horse farm, they don't know what the place is haunted by tragedies that befell its previous owners. Soon eerie events begin to take place. Sara discovers a locked diary has strange dreams of people she doesn't know and see the ethereal reflection of a tormented women in an antique mirror. Resolved to find out what lies behind the strange events at the farm, Sara stumbles across the key to the diary... as well as the key to her own past. Who are her real parents? What grave secret is the old estate hiding? A chilling story of a woman's search for the shocking truth about herself. 

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I Am A Father

The stories in I Am A Father: Celebrating African-American Fathers that tell the effect of fathers are both inspirational and educational. They will inspire today's fathers to keep their children close to them and guide them down a path where they can become outstanding world citizens. They will also educate fathers on how to build the best relationship possible with your child as well as the significance of their job as a father.

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How to survive a medical malpractice lawsuit

Getting sued for medical malpractice is one of the most traumatic events of a physician's career.

This book will guide physicians through the process, from the moment they receive a summons until the after-trial appeal process;

Author Ilene R. Brenner, M.D. arms the reader with strategies to maximize their chances of a defendant's verdict.

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King Deng

King Deng The Original Lost Boy of Sudan told by King Deng Akon, details the truth regarding the war in south Sudan, the scorching desert, heat, and the historical events that led to the bloodshed.

There is no record of his real name or date of birth, only the name and date of birth he was assigned by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees).

King Deng The Original Lost Boy of Sudan is the true story of Deng Akon (Makur Abiar) who received the very first designation of Lost Boy of Sudan status and his horrific, life threatening journey to escape the eventual genocide he was facing along with his family and entire community and his heart wrenching and often poignant adaptation to life of asylum in the United States. Deng's story is a first-hand account of a coming-of-age leader of the broader implications of timely and global issues where he parallels the conflict in the Sudan to present day world conflicts rather than the typified isolated "north versus south" tale.

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Facing Forward

When Jane Richards returns home to escape a failed relationship, she hopes the worst is behind her. Jane finds love with Ted Manning and, "This time", she tells herself, "it will be different".

However, the greatest challenge of her life still awaits her. Will she have the strength to survive?

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The Unrepentant Siren

Sara is devastated when her best friend, Leila, is lost at sea and is presumed dead. To help her cope with her loss, Sara delves into the psychic realm and befriends the ghost of a tormented your girl. Sara discovers that her friend is still alive. FOR NOW! Sara is forced to take a dangerous journey to save Leila and bring her home safely. But, when Sara discovers who is behind the plot to kill her best friend, home is no longer a safe bet.

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Justice on Hold

Two determined career women cross paths in the high stakes world of media and public relations. One, competing for success in business, is brutally murdered. The other, fighting for recognition in the good-old-boy news network, is stalked by the killer as she pursues the truth. Television reporter Grace Gleason covers the gruesome killing for her station, joining forces with the detective trying to unravel the thorny case. But shifty, bar-crawling suspect Udo Holthaus wriggles off the hook when a politically ambitious DA refuses to prosecute. Hell-bent on revenge, Holthaus turns the tables on Grace by targeting everything she holds dear. Justice On Hold is inspired by true events.

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Emerald Eyes book

"You have beautiful Emerald Eyes. Yet, you cannot see."

Emerald Eyes details the life of protagonist Emily Anne Benet — a strikingly beautiful bi-racial woman with piercing emerald eyes who although beautiful on the outside, is flawed on the inside.

At the age of six, Emily Anne is trying to figure out why her mother, Giselle, a French/Jewish/Moroccan woman residing in New Orleans, has given her away to live with her father, Enrique, a black/Puerto Rican man residing in Brookklyn, New York in the early 1950s. Emily Anne's journey takes her from he enchantment of Casablanca, to the rough streets of New York, to the prosperous streets of Atlanta, and back to the watery streets of New Orleans, in search of her roots. During her life, Emily Anne loves, loses love, and raises children all while enduring domestic violence, adultery, and alcoholism. The story details Emily Anne's struggle to find freedom from her demons and answers to questions about her heritage. Although pretty on the outside, the story asks the reader to decide whether or not Emily Anne is truly a beautiful person.

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